An Introduction to Reverie Dating…

Have you seen a site like Reverie Dating?

Cosmopolitan Magazine brought up BDSM Dating apps and brought up websites like Fetlife for D/s dating – but, lots of people looking for Dominant/submissive dating are tired of how big sites are difficult to navigate.

If you’re looking for a dating app (website for now!) with real people who are in the D/s community in an intimate setting, is made for you. Plus, you can filter out who’s here for free versus paid D/s and BDSM play. But – Findom and Financial Domination enthusiasts need not worry. Submissive members pay $2/week – so you know right off the bat who’s serious about D/s relationships.

Just a little bit about Reverie Dating! We are made by a single Dominant looking to help the community. Feel free to tip or donate and share with your close friends. 🙂

Thoughts so far? What can we do to make things better? We’re listening! Comment below – or just say hi…

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